p-values BANNED!

One journal has taken the step of banning null hypothesis significance testing. Read here for more about p-dancing and p-hacking, “also often described as torturing the data until it confesses.” We still thank you for your work R.A. Fisher!  

Flawless articulation

I’ve never tried to define an arrow before, but this website explaining vector notation nailed it. Many quantities in geometry and physics, such as area, time, and temperature, can be represented by a single real number.  Other quantities, such as…
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Big Data workshop

  A report on a workshop I attended in May 2013: So many incredible insights to share from my recent attendance at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology’s recent workshop, Promises of Big Data Across Disciplines. Some interesting science…
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Stommel Diagrams

I have previous experience with John Steele bringing brilliant mathematical techniques and patterns to a broader ecological audience. Now, thanks to the Resilience Science blog and their report of a very fun article, I have come across another stunning example. Steele…
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